Learn everything you need to know before installing your solar system.

The team at Peninsula Solar have used their decades long experience and expertise in the solar industry to cover all the questions you may have before installing your new solar panels.

You can learn what solar is, understand the best products, learn how it's installed and more with our comprehensive guides to make the best energy and financial decisions for your home.

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The articles below will provide an introduction into what solar energy is, the benefits of installing panels on your home or business and how you can finance your future installation.


What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is energy derived from the sun's radiation that is converted into thermal or electrical energy.

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Why Go Solar?

Installing solar panels can end up saving you thousands of dollars in costly utility bills.

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Solar Panel Financing

Discover financing options, tax credits and other incentives to help pay for your solar system.

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Does Solar Help the Environment?

Learn how installing solar panels on your home or business can help the environment.

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Pros & Cons of Solar

Get insight on the advantages and disadvantages of solar to help you make an informed financial decision.

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How Solar Saves You Money

Learn how you can use solar to save you money with utility costs rising 2-3% each year.

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Tax Credits & Incentives

Learn about all of the tax incentives you have available from federal, state and even local governments.

These incentives can help you get a larger refund after your solar installation to help reduce the total cost of installation by up to 30%.

Learn how you can finance solar and other programs to help pay for your solar installation costs.

Learn how you can finance solar and other programs to help pay for your solar installation costs.

Learn how solar panels handle different types of weather depending on where you live in the world.