How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

Solar panels are made with semiconductor materials, such as silicon, that when exposed to sunlight release electrons and generate an electric charge. Before your system is fully functioning, the process of installing solar panels on your home encompasses multiple steps prior to panel installation and after installation takes place. If you are looking to implement a solar energy system, it is important to understand the steps involved in the process of completing your installation. 

Pre-Installation Considerations

Analyzing energy consumption patterns are essential in determining the necessary system size. A site assessment must be performed to determine the proper location of the solar panel array along with the other components of the system. Various permits are required before receiving the approval to construct the system.

Here at Peninsula Solar, we perform adequate site plans before installing your system and acquire all necessary permits in house to relieve any additional work on our client’s end. We specialize in designing systems customized to your specific needs in order to guarantee that your solar investment results in the implementation of a system necessary for you. 

Installation Timeline

Once the preinstallation factors are taken care of, the actual panel and component installation process is fairly quick. Our team works diligently to ensure that the components are installed quickly, efficiently and in adherence to code. Our electrical and construction teams work together and are able to complete a typical residential installation in 2-3 days time. Factors such as system size, complexity, location and site conditions can impact the timeline of your project’s installation which means that communication is essential to ensure that company and client are informed on the timeline of the process. 

The Role of Professionals

When looking into investing in a solar energy system, it is important to hire experienced and certified professionals to complete the installation from start to finish. Experts in the field possess the expertise, skill and knowledge necessary to complete the planning and installation processes in an efficient and safe manner. Professionals in the industry are educated and knowledgeable on electrical and building codes as well as warranty compliance ensuring that your completed installation passes all inspections. 

Streamlining the Installation Process

There are a number of factors that can expedite the project timeline of your system installation. Communicating with the installation company on any additional information that they need to general a design, proposal or complete permits can help expedite the time necessary to complete the steps necessary prior to installation. Prefabricated and modular systems can reduce the installation time; however, to ensure that your system is best for you please talk with experienced professionals before making decisions. 

Post-Installation Steps

The process of completing your solar energy system does not end after installation. Electrical and oftentimes building inspections must be completed before utility interconnection is completed. Once these steps are finalized, your system may begin producing to meet your energy needs. System testing and commissioning reports are important for optimal performance and are often required by utilities prior to completing interconnection. The final step is educating the homeowner on their system, its components and proper monitoring method in order to familiarize them with the functionality of the system.

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples

Here at Peninsula Solar, we strive to provide our customers with a smooth process from start to finish. One of our clients stated that, “Everyone in the group was helpful during the entire process of getting solar to our property. Everything including design of the system, helping with financing, installation and walkthrough was easy.” Another client stated that, “They worked fast and with precision. The installation princess was a breeze and their attention to detail was impressive.” Our expertise here at Peninsula Solar allows us to adapt to challenges presented during the installation process to ensure that your system is not only up to your standards but also ours. 

Bottom Line

The process of installing solar panels is a multi step process that involves many factors both pre and post installation. It is essential to consider installation timelines and plan ahead when looking to implement a solar energy system that meets your needs. Solar panels present the long term benefits of energy savings and positive environmental impacts, so work with experienced professionals to help decide what system is best for you.