Off-Grid Solar Installation in Michigan


Installing an off-grid solar system for your home or business means relying on the sun for almost all of your energy needs. If you're located in a remote location far away from the nearest power line an off-grid system may be right for you.

The best solar systems for off-grid living include a battery, such as a HomeGrid, to take full advantage of the energy you're bringing in. Advances in the solar industry have allowed off-grid solar to become more mainstream and it's now fairly common to see RVs, cabins and even businesses leverage this technology.

Looking to go off-grid?

Peninsula Solar has decades of experience and only uses top-of-the-line equipment that gives you full access to monitor and control the power you use.

Learn how much you can save by installing a new off-grid solar system.

Renewable energy, such as solar, is a cost effective way to power your home, business, cabin or even other dwellings.

An off-grid system can give you power where it's needed at anytime and anywhere and is perfect for those that want to be self-sufficient or are tired of paying growing utility costs.

Off Grid

Best Uses for Off-Grid Solar

Most customer's get off-grid solar for two reasons: removing reliance on utility companies and the cost to have a grid-tied line to their home is much higher than solar.

If you live a considerable distance away from the nearest power line or you are not currently tied to the electrical grid, an off-grid solar system might be your best option to save thousands over time.

Peninsula Solar uses state-of-the-art equipment when designing and installing your off-grid system. Having the appropriate equipment, an off-grid system can power your home just as well as any grid-tied solar system with no monthly utility bill.

This biggest reason most install these types of solar systems is due to the astronomical cost of having a new power line installed. There are many factors involved in cost such as distance, installing new poles, vegetation to clear and more.

Depending on all of these factors you could end up paying upwards of $100,000 to cover a distance as little as 1 mile. This fee does not include any additional payments each month you'll have to make to the power company.

If you are currently connected to the energy grid you may opt for a grid-tied home solar system instead.

Residential Off-Grid Solar Systems

If your home is situated in a secluded area, consumes minimal electricity or hasn't been connected to the power grid, an off-grid solar system could be an ideal solution for you.

As a leading residential solar system provider in Northern Michigan, Peninsula Solar has assisted numerous homeowners in reducing their dependence on utility companies, thereby saving money in the long run.

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An off-grid solar system for your home can help counterbalance escalating energy costs and maintain your household's power supply, even when others, connected to the energy grid, are facing power outages resulting in inconvenience and potential losses.

Peninsula Solar has successfully helped many households maintain power during blackouts. For instance, a home equipped with solar power can keep the lights on during a power outage, ensuring continuity of day-to-day activities and mitigating the risk of food spoilage, which could otherwise lead to significant expenses.

If your home is currently connected to the power grid, you might consider opting for a grid-tied residential solar system instead.


Commercial Off-Grid Solar Systems

If your business is in a remote location, uses very little power or is not tied to the electrical grid already, an off-grid solar system may be your best option.

As the premier commercial solar system installer in Northern Michigan, Peninsula Solar has helped many businesses reduce their reliance on energy companies and save money over time.

An off-grid solar system for your business can help offset growing energy costs and even keep your business running while others, tied to the energy grid, are losing time and money from having no power.

Peninsula Solar has been able to help several businesses keep power and in business during power outages. For example, a restaurant installing solar power can help keep their lights on during a power outage allowing them to continue serving customers and avoiding food waste which could cost them thousands more.

If you are currently connected to the energy grid you may opt for a grid-tied commercial solar system instead.

Reduce Growing Utility Costs

Installing solar for your business can save you thousands of dollars or more per year.

Don't let the next power outage shut down your business - talk to Peninsula Solar today.

Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid lifestyle can be enticing for many, especially those who prefer to live a more sustainable lifestyle and rely solely on themselves.

The main advantages of an off-grid system:

  • Complete freedom from the grid. The main reason many install an off-grid system is to remove reliance on the energy grid.
  • Avoid power outages. The Sol-Ark systems we install are designed to integrate with a generator so that you'll never run out of energy.
  • Can work almost anywhere. These systems are best suited for remote locations where getting a power line will be too costly.

Tax Credits for Off-Grid Solar Systems

You can currently get 30% off your installed off-grid solar system through federal tax credits. This tax incentive applies to primary and secondary residences.

This tax credit can end up saving you thousands on a new installation. For example, if your system cost $45,000 to install then you'd get $13,500 in tax credits returned to you when you file taxes the following year.

You can find more information on receiving this tax credit by going to

IRS form to file with taxes: IRS Form 5695

Save 30% on Your Installation Costs

You can currently get 30% back as a tax credit when you install a new solar system or expand your current one.

This can save you thousands of dollars on the installation.

Financing Your Off-Grid System

There are two ways to pay for your new off-grid system: cash or financing. If you're paying cash for your installation it's pretty straight forward and you just need to speak with a sales representative and get quoted.

If you're financing your solar installation, Michiganders can take advantage of the Michigan Saves loan program.

The Michigan Saves program is a home energy loan program that helps homeowners get approved to make upgrades to their home with a low or no upfront cost.

The maximum loan amount you can receive with a Michigan Saves loan is $60,000. Your credit will affect your interest rate but most applicants have an interest rate around 5-6%.

Warranty Information

Installed systems have a 10-25 year manufacturer warranty dependent on what equipment is chosen for the project. One of the strongest properties of solar is the strength of the warranties inherent to the materials.