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Steve Dosh
2 months ago
Working with the team at Peninsula Solar was an great experience. We dropped into their office unannounced. We were simply hoping to provide our contact information so we could start the process of getting solar panels installed on our home. We were promptly introduced to Ben and Eric who asked…
Curtis Shaw
2 months ago
I contacted Peninsula Solar for a quote in February of 2024 knowing nothing about them. Eric listened to my concerns and priorities and quickly went to work. I had a quote with supporting documentation in just a few days. Over the course of the next 2 months I got to…
Lynn Miller
3 months ago
From start to finish, the process with Peninsula Solar was seamless and professional. Ben's first contact was courteous, and we spent time locating our place on Google Maps together, so he could go over potential sites for the panels while we were together on the phone. Shortly after that (a…
Winter Alley
11 months ago
We had a positive experience with Peninsula Solar. The installation crew was friendly and super efficient. Things happened when they were scheduled, which isn't always the case with some contractors. The whole thing was quick, too, and not disruptive at all. Setup was smooth, and explanations were thorough. Colin Cusack…
Mark Fingerle
10 months ago
Peninsula Solar installed an off-grid system for me this summer complete with high quality solar panels, batteries, Sol-Ark inverter, Kohler generator, and portable generator outlet. Although I am quite a distance from their shop, the installation was handled with very few scheduling issues. The system itself is exceeding my expectations…

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