Michigan Power Shortage

What We Can Learn from the Upper Michigan Power Shortage

June 15, 2022

Michigan now ranks among the top five states with the most power outages. These outages can be devastating, whether at a home or at a commercial property. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that these outages will become more frequent, more widespread, and more damaging in the near future. The Michigan power shortage is projected to get worse.…

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Residential Solar

Residential Solar Energy Storage Can Maximize Your Energy Independence

April 12, 2022

About 55% of renewable energy used worldwide is solar. As solar energy is becoming more efficient, it’s also becoming more popular. All over the world, there is an upward trend towards more and more commercial and residential solar energy systems. They allow us to generate reliable energy without dependence upon the grid. Peninsula Solar specializes in battery-tied solar — the…

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A restaurant filled with people benefitting from solar power.

How Solar Power Can Benefit Your Restaurant

January 27, 2022

Few things can disrupt business at a restaurant more than power outages. Inclement weather, accidents, or equipment breakdowns can all cause outages that affect thousands of restaurants each year in a significant way. Losing power to refrigeration and freezer units for even an hour can cause food products to spoil. And the amount of money…

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Solar residential houses lined up with many panels on each house.

How Your Home Can Benefit From Using Solar Power

January 27, 2022

The cost of solar power continues to drop as more households are switching to this source of renewable energy. Reaching out to a contractor with a license to install solar panels is an excellent long-term investment for many homeowners. Solar panels are an eco-friendly option, and you will never have to depend on coal, oil,…

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Men maintaining and installing solar panels.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

January 13, 2022

How Long Can Solar Panels Last? If you’re thinking about investing in solar power for your home, you’re probably wondering how long that investment will take to pay off. A solar power system that functions for 30 years sounds like a good thing. One that wears out after ten years, not so much. How long…

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