What We Can Learn from the Upper Michigan Power Shortage

Michigan now ranks among the top five states with the most power outages. These outages can be devastating, whether at a home or at a commercial property. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that these outages will become more frequent, more widespread, and more damaging in the near future.

The Michigan power shortage is projected to get worse. For the first time in the state’s history, controlled outages are being planned as the state finds itself without enough energy to go around. More and more, it is impossible to rely on utility companies to provide steady, reliable electricity.

Residents of Upper Michigan have already found themselves without power on several occasions in 2022, and memories are still fresh of the devastating outage a few months ago, which left more than 900,000 people without power. 

After learning of these Upper Michigan power shortages, it is essential to be informed about alternative power sources. If you want to maintain system reliability with your energy source, battery-tied solar energy services may be exactly what you need.

How Long Will the Michigan Power Shortage Last?

In August 2021, Michigan experienced a series of powerful storms. Almost one million people were left without electricity when two of the state’s largest power suppliers went down.

People found themselves with food rotting in the refrigerator, many were unable to work, and businesses could not operate. The outage lasted for almost a week in some places.

In Upper Michigan, there have been several outages this year already, and the prospect of more severe power shortages is becoming increasingly serious.

Michigan will likely have warmer summer days than usual. As a result, a recent Michigan power shortage update warned that there won’t be enough power to go around from the electric grid after a seasonal assessment. Michigan’s grid operator said in the update that the area will need 124 gigawatts but only has 119 available. It has asked to reduce consumer energy and the usage from industrial customers. Without a large enough energy supply to go around, blackouts are on the horizon.

Benefits of Alternative Power

The power shortage in Michigan is a key sign that customers need to look elsewhere for their energy needs.

Global turmoil is causing energy prices to rise. The inflation of energy prices is reaching unprecedented heights, with no end in sight. Long term trends in the market point to energy shortages on a scale that has never before been experienced in such highly industrialized nations. 

More people are realizing that they need to turn to alternative power sources if they want reliable electricity, leaving them less vulnerable when the power grid gets knocked out.

What Are the Benefits of Energy Independence?

One of the primary forms of alternative energy for residential homes is a battery-tied solar power system. Michigan has almost 200 sunny days every year, and the sunshine is not running out anytime soon.

This form of power has grown a lot cheaper over the past few decades. It is also entirely independent of external factors such as economic changes and geopolitical events that shake up the energy supply. In addition, solar power leaves you with lower utility bills, saving you serious money over time.

Keep your electrical devices fueled throughout a power outage with the energy you have stored from your solar panels. Own your energy, so you never have to worry about the state’s energy supply.

Escape Power Outages for Good

The Michigan power shortage means that a blackout could hit at any time. You may be working on an important business project or have a refrigerator full of fresh food when it happens.

Losing power is more than a slight inconvenience. But with a battery-backed solar system, you don’t need to risk the lights going off.

Contact us today for a quote to install solar energy at your home.

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