Why Should You Install Solar?

An investment in solar panels on your home or business can support more than just reducing your utility costs. The money you save each month, or year, can be used to build back up savings, make more improvements and even protect your home or business from a power outage.

The decision to go solar is not an easy one to make. The biggest drawback most people have is the cost of solar panels. The cost of solar panels has continued to decline every year with a major drop off happening around 2009. This cost is so low that most homeowner's will see a return-on-investment with solar within 5-7 years.

Since 1991, the price of a solar panel has gone from $10 per watt to less than $1 per watt to make them and those savings are passed onto the customer with reduced installation costs.


Price of solar panels since 1991.

Additional Reasons to Go Solar

☀️ The sun's energy is predictable, unlimited and free.
🍃 Solar energy has 0 emissions.
⏲️ Solar can offset peak hour charges.
👷‍♀️ Solar has created thousands of jobs.
🎯 Solar panels can save you thousands per year.
💰 Solar generates tax revenue and utility savings for communities.
📉 The cost of going solar has declined by 86% since 2009.
🌍 Solar can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels preserving the Earth.

You can save 30% on your solar installation costs with a federal tax incentive.

Peninsula Solar is a leading solar installation company based in Northern Michigan. They have been installing solar panels for homeowners and commercial customers for over a decade.

Let the team at Peninsula Solar help you see how much you can save by going solar.

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Cost to Install Solar Panels

The true cost of installing solar panels on your home or business is decided by a variety of factors. You can get a rough estimate by knowing how much energy you use.

The average home will cost around $30,000 to $60,000 but can be higher if your energy needs are more.

Need more reasons to go solar?

The guides below will step you through all the various pros and cons of going solar. Installing solar panels is an investment but one that can pay off with time.

If you're planning to live in your home for more than 15-20 years then solar will pay for itself multiple times before you move or need to replace panels.

Are Solar Panels Expensive?

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