Solar Permitting: How to Get a Solar Permit

If you are a home or business owner and have done any repairs or updates to your buildings then you should be familiar with the concept of permitting. A permit, or a form of written permission, is necessary to safely construct or install a new structure and this is no different when installing solar panels.

A permit for adding solar energy to your home works a lot like if you were to build a shed, however, there are a few more steps and items needed to get full approval. It can be pretty nuanced which makes working with experts, like Peninsula Solar, a great idea when trying to install your solar energy system.

Types of Solar Permits Needed

There are several types of permits or documentation you will need that are required before you start working on a new solar installation.

The types of permits, as a homeowner or business owner, you may run into installing solar panels are:

  • Electrical Permits: Electrical permits ensure that everything is installed and wired properly.
  • Building Permits: Building permits ensure that everything is constructed properly.
  • Zoning Permits: Zoning permits ensure that new structures on a property are laid out in a code-compliant manner.
  • Interconnection Agreements: Interconnection agreements ensure that a solar system is properly designed and installed to interact with the electric service provider.

Municipal bodies and building departments manage most permits. The interconnection process is handled by the utility company.

Can a Solar Installer Handle the Permits?

Every permit requires paperwork and payment. The paperwork is there to get the specifics of the project in writing so that both parties (the property owner and the governing body) can be on the same page as to the details of what is being installed. 

A fully licensed solar installation company can be of great assistance in helping you with permits and many even offer to file the correct paperwork and permits for you. Peninsula Solar makes it a point to include 100% of the permitting process within the quote, so that a customer doesn’t have to lift a finger. A company like ours knows the ins and outs of the process, and has friendly relationships with all of the municipalities and utility companies.

Peninsula Solar Can Help With Permitting

We can help you get all the permits and paperwork in order + there is 30% in tax credits available today.

This can save you thousands of dollars on the installation.

Why Do You Need a Permit to Install Solar?

Permitting is a necessary headache that ensures the safety and reliability of new construction. Because the process is so stringent about playing by the rules, there can sometimes be complications. Governing bodies often experience delays due to staffing and scheduling issues.

If a solar system is installed by a subpar contractor, or by an unlicensed party, the result can be a completely useless system that fails to pass inspection, and thus becomes a huge waste of money. A person can appeal, but the process is not pretty. It’s crucial that any electrical system, including solar, be installed by a team of absolute experts.

Solar Permit Paperwork Requirements

Solar permitting requires electrical diagrams, plot plans, system specifications, and oftentimes full blown stamped engineering drawings. Additionally, the inspection process that follows the permits is time consuming in itself. However, once a solar system is fully approved and initialized, it’s good to go. If you have more specific questions about what it takes to get a solar system installed, give our experts a call today.